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About us

We have more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality business. If you want to have a memorable and comfortable experience in Missouri, then come and stay in our BnB.

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Our Rates

If you want to experience something different, then this is the right place for you. Here you will get a blend of affordability and luxury. There are three kinds of rooms to select from.

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Contact us

You will have free TV and Wi-Fi connections. Our attendants are always available to serve you. Just contact us and reserve your room today!

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Top 5 features of a good accommodation

Good accommodation is a major part of your travel experience. You should find a comfortable place to stay and rest after the long, tedious day. Here are some features of a good accommodation.

Great views

Your hotel or B&B must have stunning views. You should be able to see mountains, sea or beautiful landscape from your hotel balcony or window. These views will soothe your mind and give you some relaxed time.


You should enjoy privacy wherever you stay. You go to vacations to spend some quiet and fun time with your family or by yourself. So, you should spend some relaxed time without any outside disturbances.


The hotel you stay in must have everything nearby. Whether it’s restaurants, parks or shopping centers, everything must be just a walking distance away. That way, you can get anything anytime and have a stress free time at the hotel.

Comfort and luxury

The hotel or B&B you choose to stay in must be comfortable, at the same time well decorated. You should have a blend of luxury and comforts during your stay.

The staffs

The staffs must be friendly and professional. They must greet the right way and welcome their guests. They must provide a personalized service to the guests.

It may be hard to find all these features in one hotel or B&B. But with the hospitality industry expanding, there are lots of options available. You should choose a place that has most of these features and fits your budget.

5 tips for choosing bed and breakfast when you visit a place

Bed and breakfasts are common in the American culture. Guests choose B&B as an alternative to hotels if they want a more cozy and homely environment. Here are five tips to choose the best B&B for your stay.

Ask questions

There are different types of B&B available. Some have antique décor, whereas others have a modern look. Some are rustic, and others are elegant. You should ask questions about the B&B so that it suits your needs and tastes.

Know about the breakfast

Breakfast is an important part of B&B accommodation. You should find out whether the B&B offers multi-coursed breakfast or set menu. You can mention your special dietary needs if you have any.

Check out the baths

Not all B&Bs have private baths. Some have shared ones. If you are not comfortable using shared baths, you should make sure that the B&B you are booking has private bath with each room.

Know the policies

You should ask about the different policies the B&B may have regarding smoking, children, and pet. The policies vary from one B&B to the other. You should find out whether there is any child-friendly room available if you are traveling with children.

Deposits and cancellations

You should know about the deposits and cancellation policies before you book your room. There may be occasions when you might need to cancel your reservation. So, you need to know about the cancellation rules beforehand.

You will have a comfortable experience staying in a good B&B. These are much more affordable than hotels, and you can get some privacy as well unlike hotels.

4 reasons to visit Missouri this summer

Missouri is a lovely and exciting place to visit. There are live performances, great attractions, fine dining and shopping for everyone. These are four reasons why you should visit Missouri this summer.


Missouri has a wonderful weather. You will be able to enjoy the lovely views once you arrive here. The weather is great for outdoor activities as well. The city has a comfortable and moderate weather condition to enjoy your stay here.

Outdoor activities

There are many activities to do in Missouri. You can go fishing, hiking, boating, or play golf. The outdoor activities of this place draw in people from everywhere. It is a great place to spend vacation with your family


You can take a tour to some of the most amazing wineries. Various wine tasting events take place throughout the year which you shouldn’t miss. The wineries are beautiful, and you will learn many things about wine by visiting the wineries.

Good family destination

There are many zoos in Missouri which the kids will enjoy. There are also waterparks, museums, and more places to visit for your kids. If you are looking for a family vacation, Missouri is a great place to visit.

You will find lots of affordable accommodations here. You will have a great dining and shopping experience as well. There are travel guides available to guide you. So, if you are thinking of a place to visit for your next summer vacation, you should visit Missouri.

Image source: www.staffcare.com