Top 5 features of a good accommodation

Good accommodation is a major part of your travel experience. You should find a comfortable place to stay and rest after the long, tedious day. Here are some features of a good accommodation.

Great views

Your hotel or B&B must have stunning views. You should be able to see mountains, sea or beautiful landscape from your hotel balcony or window. These views will soothe your mind and give you some relaxed time.


You should enjoy privacy wherever you stay. You go to vacations to spend some quiet and fun time with your family or by yourself. So, you should spend some relaxed time without any outside disturbances.


The hotel you stay in must have everything nearby. Whether it’s restaurants, parks or shopping centers, everything must be just a walking distance away. That way, you can get anything anytime and have a stress free time at the hotel.

Comfort and luxury

The hotel or B&B you choose to stay in must be comfortable, at the same time well decorated. You should have a blend of luxury and comforts during your stay.

The staffs

The staffs must be friendly and professional. They must greet the right way and welcome their guests. They must provide a personalized service to the guests.

It may be hard to find all these features in one hotel or B&B. But with the hospitality industry expanding, there are lots of options available. You should choose a place that has most of these features and fits your budget.